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Turtle Beach is perfectly placed on the northern edge of Speightstown overlooking a beautiful white sandy beach and the Caribbean Sea. Within a few minutes walk south is the authentically colonial Speightstown with its myriad of market stalls,shops, bars, restaurants and cafés. Walking north along the sandy Turtle Beach will bring you to Port St. Charles Marina, the only marina on the island where you can watch the yachts come and go whilst soaking up the sun or playing in the surf.

Turtle Beach is also an excellent gateway to rural Barbados, where one can explore the Atlantic coast of the island, or head inland to Mount Hillaby, Barbados' highest point. Barbados Wildlife Reserve is also with in easy reach of Turtle Beach, with regular buses running from Speightstown, possibly. There is also golf, tennis and water-sports all within easy access from the Barbados villas for rent at turtle Beach, making it an ideal destination.

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